School has begun and things are going well all things considered. (we have some really large classes and some REALLY small ones…no inbetweens…we’re hoping we will get to hire another 4th grade teacher though to ease on the class size)

First class we reviewed the rules, second we defined art and what it means to us.

My Mother in Law bought these lunch trays a while back(they are like school trays but not as study as the school ones get tossed around quite a bit).  If you can find some I recommend them!  They have worked GREAT for supplies.  Instead of a basket that can hide incorrect clean up the tray makes it easy for me to spot kids who didn’t put away properly and the slots on it allow for any assortment of containers.  I’m not wasting time passing out individual items or sacrificing little egos by having to pick a “helper”.  My 45 minutes is precious-make it count!

Right now I have pencils in the utensil slot, a cup of markers in the circle slot, and containers of scissors, erasers, and crayons in three of the other slots.

The best part is picking them up is easy, I can lift them fine with only one hand and can carry two at once to clear the table

Not pictured is that I’ve decided this year to try glue sponges and the tupperware I got for it will fit perfectly in one of the three smaller slots.

I’ll try to remember to take a picture of the glue tomorrow


Also you can see I finally renumbered my chairs.  There is a large number on the inside and a small one on the outside

Learning 300+ names and remembering them all is tough, Assign those seats and all I have to do is glance at the number and look at my roster. Tables are each assigned a letter.

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    I wonder if the containers will tip over when you carry them. You could use double sided tape or foam tape to hold them...
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